Are you in a search for a flexible and versatile hunting bow, then you have stumbled upon the right article? In this article, we are going to review a bow which is one of the most elegant hunting bows out there in the market, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow! If you are fond of hunting, then a bow with such superior performance and adjustability like Bear Cruzer G2 can be a super addition to your hunting gear.

You can also check this barnett wildcat c5 crossbow review. The first choice of many hunters across the globe, Bear Cruzer G2 is a relatively lightweight and robust hunting bow, and you cannot miss its ultimate hunting experience. This versatile bow is recommended for people of any age. It does not matter if you are a beginner, who has just begun his hunting lessons, or an experienced hunter that goes for a hunt every week, you will find that this bow is made just for you. It comes with an advanced and easy to handle grip, which will make you use it all day without even noticing its weight.

However, the Bear Cruzer G2 weighs on 3lbs which itself is not much. Its unique grip is specially designed to reduce torque. You can shoot accurately up to a distance of feet per second, which is one of its kind. All this at a very affordable price makes Bear Cruzer G2 a hell of a bargain. For an ultimate hunting archery experience, Bear Cruzer G2 has introduced a lightweight, machined aluminum riser which is not only durable to last for ages but also offers a very accurate shooting venture.

Its adjustable draw makes it a perfect bow for young beginners who can make changes to the draw as they grow in their height or skills. Another factor which makes it a beautiful bow for young shooters is its weight, which is only 3 pounds. But that does not mean it is not for adults, the plus point of owning Bear Cruzer G2 for an adult is that they can carry it all day long without any sign of stress. You will find everything you need to start hunting, right at the moment you unbox this bow.

The limbs featuring in this bow are solid and stiff as compared to the other bows, thanks to its dual-cam structure. To hit the target accurately, you need stability, and for this G2 features a stabilizer and a sling.

If we talk about strength, stability, and balance, Bear Cruzer G2 has one of the lightest draw weights, and it is a perfect choice for beginners. And due to its adjustability, it can entertain archers of a different size and skill set. If you want to travel with Bear Archery Cruzer G2, then we are pleased to tell you that it is quite portable as far as its size is concerned.

The height of this bow is 6. Easy transport and exclusive draw length range, makes it on the list of best bows in the world. Shooting with this bow would not be much of a hassle, its cam design, and smooth draw cycle pave the way for easy and accurate shooting. You will be able to launch arrows at the speed of feet per second and with a stiffer design of the limbs, your balance will be intact, and weight will be distributed properly. Imagine shooting without a peep sight, what you think?

Not a good idea, right? That is why Cruzer comes with a peep sight enabled to make your shooting more natural and a lot more accurate. For super-accurate shots, the Cruzer G2 has included a whisker biscuit made up of artificial bristles, which will not only hold the arrow tightly before you shoot but will also bring stability and perfection to your shot.

You will have no trouble in piercing the arrow vanes inside it at all.We tried Cruzer for 7 weeks on hunting trips and Archery rounds and here is our in-depth bear Cruzer G2 review.

Speed, less draw weight, the right size, and price; these factors make any hunting equipment the best buy for seasoned as well as beginning players. Speed, sturdiness, smooth draw, and many features of Cruzer G2 crossbow make it an attractive pick. We share the experience starting from the unboxing of the bow and assembling it to shoot down prey, but you can go over the salient features first:.

Unboxing the Bear Cruzer G2 is an experience in itself as the box is a crossbow holder. One must be careful not to damage it so that it can come in handy later on. The holder is portable, but since it is cardboard, you might not be able to retain it for as long as you own the crossbow. Assembling the Bear Cruzer G2 is relatively easy and does not include a lot of tuning and tightening. Buyers can test the adjustment by taking the bow out of the box and shooting an arrow through a paper tuner.

The draw length of the Bear Cruzer G2 is 26inches, so it is decent for most of us who like to shoot but do not like to deal with heavy crossbows. Ready to hunt RTH will add to your experience in the field, and your adventures will become even better with this compound bow in your hand! Check Current Price and Rating on Amazon One size Fits All: While many hunters despise this statement, Bear Cruzer G2 is not a large-sized compound bow that every hunter has to adjust to, but provides all hunters and archers because of its adjustability.

The Versatility Cam System from Bear features Draw Dial rotating modules for deadly performance and the crucial efficiency. The quad limbs offer incredible speed, with improved accuracy and precision in targeting the prey. The whopping rate of FPS is a bonus feature that allows hunters and archers to shoot fast without paying for it in terms of complications to attend.

The unique design and high adaptability make Bear Cruzer G2 an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned hunters. Your compound bow will stand taller than the rest in terms of simple tuning and superior performance. The lightweight Bear Cruzer G2 has a durable and sturdy build, for beginners and old-timers. Whether you are new to hunting, or are a hunter of years, shooting big game with the Cruzer will be an easy task without compromising on speed.

The weight of this compound bow is no more than three pounds, and the draw weight can be between five to 70 pounds of adjustable draw weight. The axle-to-axle measurement is 32inches, making the compound bow an excellent pick for narrow opening shootings. All these factors contribute to more precision and versatility.

cruzer g2 review

If you thought that was all, the machined riser is another build feature that makes the Cruzer G2 durable and keeps the weight to a minimum. Young and amateur hunters and beginner archers can pick the Bear Cruzer and learn the art of shooting! The flexibility of bear Cruzer G2 is evident as it is available for both right-handed and left-handed archers.

As you hold this compound bow, the striking Kryptek camo appears attractive and provides excellent camouflage and looks good too! As we mentioned earlier, the draw weight can be adjusted. You can change it between 5 to 70 pounds, which provides enough flexibility for all. Bear Cruzer G2 can be customized to keep draw length between 12inches and 30 inches.The Species, on the other hand, offers good firepower with the unfortunate property of it being rather heavy for novices.

Yet, if considering all the pros and cons of each, the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 does win this math by a really thin margin. The versatile option of adjusting the draw weight in a really wide window is a great advantage for different kinds of shooters. Additionally, being user-friendly does open up more opportunities for shooters of all levels to properly learn how to hunt. The Bear Archery Species is also a great choice - this cannot be denied considering its powerhouse potential.

A powerhouse compound bow option, the Bear Archery Species can bring in the force needed during hunts. The impressive durability of this compound bow makes it a natural choice if hunters are facing hostile conditions.

Bear Cruzer G2 REVIEW

The nice balance of power and accuracy also makes this a recommended bow when facing against bigger and tougher targets. The slight issues of the bow being heavy and having no ready arrows with it are both subjective - still, it would be nice to get an option that considers these equally important problems as well!

The specs:. Bows from Bear Archery are known not only for their strength, but for their ease of use as well. In fact, most of the bows from this manufacturer can very well be used by pro hunters as the primary gear against tough prey. Let us take a look on how the Bear Archery Species excels in offering these hunting essentials. As mentioned, the Bear Archery Species ease of use boils down to its assembly. The simple process of setting up the arrow rest, nocking point, and accessories is done in a smooth and easy manner.

As a single cam system, adjustments are fairly easy as well more about this will be discussed below. The Bear Archery Species riser is made out of durable aluminum. This type of construction gives hunters the confidence and peace of mind that this bow can withstand drawing tension.

The riser's toughness also offers excellent stability, increasing the chances to have more accurate shots.

More importantly, the Bear Archery Species integrates an innovative alignment system. This lock down system focuses on pinpoint riser to pocket limb connectivity, protecting the limbs and offering a more stable balance when drawing the bow as well. Unique to the manufacturers, this prime archery enhancement is one of reasons why seasoned hunters go for this bow. The bow's grip is excellent as well. Bear Archery is known for this subtle yet efficient way of making use of grips that reduce hand torque - again, offering better shooting stability.

Best 5 Bear Archery Compound Bows For Sale In 2021 Reviews

Another reason to get the Bear Archery Species is it's excellent limbs. Integrating EnduraFiber limb, max weight can easily be adjusted without messing up alignment and stability.

Combined with the mentioned lock down pocket system, the limbs are protected from potential heavy tension when drawing the bow.When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

cruzer g2 review

When Fred Bear launched Bear Archery inhe could have hardly imagined what his company would become. As the years passed Bear Archery soldiered on, first crafting traditional bows, and later joining into the quickly growing compound bow market. Though Fred Bear passed away inhis company, Bear Archery, continues today, offering a comprehensive line of innovative traditional and compound bows.

This level of innovation has spawned many noteworthy compound bows in recent years, with perhaps the most highly regarded being the Cruzer G2. The Cruzer G2 has been well received by critics and carries a rather large following of archers worldwide. So it was only natural that we jumped at the chance to get our hands on this late offering by Bear Archeryas soon as the opportunity arose.

We carefully studied the Cruzer and spent some time with it on the range to adequately gauge its characteristics. During this process, we recorded our findings, allowing us to present to you this Hands-On Review…. The Bear Cruzer has received much initial praise due to its range of adjustability and rugged construction. Additionally, much of the buzz surrounding the Cruzer relates to its reputation as being built in an uncompromising fashion.

Upon first glance, I quickly noted that the Cruzer was quite pleasing to the eye. The Cruzer G2 that I shot, as well as all others on location, showcased a level of fit and finish that was as good as any bow I have seen. Another fact that became immediately obvious was just how lightweight the Cruzer is. Although this bow is advertised at a weight of only 3. The Cruzer G2 is notable on a technical level for more reasons than one.

Though several bows are now offered with wide draw weight and draw length ranges, few can boast of having a more significant range than the Bear Cruzer read. Bear Species Compound Bow Review.

Children are also afforded the opportunity to use the same bow from their younger years, onward into adulthood. The beauty of this design is that no bow press or specialty equipment is needed to make any necessary adjustments to change the draw weight or draw length of the Cruzer G2.Sean's Outdoor Adventures.

Posted on July 20, by Sean McVeigh. In this article, I am going to share with you my findings after completing an extensive review of the Bear Cruzer G2. For this review, I took the item out of the box and mounted the accessories.

The box also comes with a handle inside so that you can turn the bow into a bow case.

Bear Archery Species vs Cruzer G2 - this one takes the lead!

However, I came to discover that the Bear Cruzer G2 box is designed to be laid down on its side and opened from the side.

Make sure you open the Bear Cruzer G2 box this way if you intend to use it as a portable bow case. Another thing I learned about this box was that there was a hidden compartment in the bottom where the stabilizer and wrist sling was located.

The stabilizer and wrist sling are so light that the box simply felt empty once the bow and other accessories were taken out of the box. I imagine that if you open the box from the side, you will easily see the stabilizer and sling, but if you open it from the end you may not be able to see it if you opened it on the opposite side like I did.

I then tested the tuning of the Bear Cruzer G2 right out of the box by shooting an arrow through a paper tuner to see how accurate the flight was. The bow came set at inch draw length, so I did my initial arrow flight test there. I then put the bow on a draw board to see if the cams were properly timed. One cam was hitting slightly before the other, so I set the cam timing. To do this, I added one half twist to the cable on the cam that was coming in contact with the cable before the other.

I then put the bow back on the draw board and the cam timing was perfect. I will also note that I initially attempted to do my adjustments using the Bowmaster Bow Press, but the cams were too large to work properly with mine. I wanted to use that press because it is fairly inexpensive and just about anyone could probably afford one. It should also be noted that my model is 15 years old so it is very possible that newer models will fit it, and people have told me that Bear has it listed as an approved press.

As far as the draw board I was using to check the cam timing, I purchased mine from Lancaster Archery for several hundred dollars. I got it simply because I travel around to many different bow shops doing bow reviews and wanted a way to be able to check cam timing, draw length, and draw weight. If you would like to learn how to make your own draw board fairly inexpensively, you can watch the following video I produced to give you some ideas on it. This is the draw board I used for years before purchasing the above noted one.

If you are not familiar with cam timing, it is simply checking to see if each cam on a compound bow is doing a full rotation and coming fully in contact with the cable or limb stop limb stops are not applicable for the Bear Cruzer G2. You want each cam to fully rotate and hit the cable in the same way at the same time.

If they do not hit in a synchronized way, then the performance of the bow will be decreased. It will typically sound a little louder, shoot a little slower, or could even be less accurate and decrease the overall performance of the bow. Have them look to see if both cams are coming in contact with the cables or not.

This will happen at the flat side of the draw length module that is used to adjust the draw length. If the flattened side of one of the modules is not in contact with the cable while the other one is at full draw, then the timing is out.Sometimes the thrill of the hunt is adapting to your ever-changing environment.

Meet the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 — the perfect bow to handle whatever adventure comes your way. The maximum-versatility of this bow is engineered for all ages and skill levels.

The bow is adjustable from 12" to 30" in draw length range and 5 to 70 lbs. All adjustments can be made using an Allen wrench and there is no need for a bow press. The bow comes ready to hunt equipped with six Trophy Ridge accessories — a four-pin sight, a Whisker Biscuit, a 5-arrow quiver, a stabilizer and sling, a peep sight, and a nock loop. The Cruzer G2 weighs only 3 lbs. The advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy.

The EnduraFiber Limbs offer lethal controlled power and the RockStops offset string suppressor eliminate noise and vibration. The Cruzer G2 is the total package with incredible adjustability for the whole family.

Bear Archery Bear Archery Home. Youth and Rec. Trophy Ridge Trophy Ridge Home. Cajun Bowfishing Cajun Bowfishing Home. Fixed Broadheads. Mechanical Broadheads. Your cart is empty. Bows Accessories Gear About. Dexterity Right Hand Left Hand. Draw Weight lbs. Add to cart Dealer Locator. Versatile Maximum-versatility bow is engineered for all ages and skill levels Ready to Hunt Ready to hunt bow comes equipped with six Trophy Ridge accessories Adjustable Adjustable from 12" to 30" draw length range and from 5 to 70 lbs.In this article, I will describe 5 Bear compound bow models.

cruzer g2 review

You can read about their specifications and technical features. You can compare them to see which one suits your needs the best. The Bear Archery offers a wide range of bow models. In their assortment, you can find Bear compound bows, traditional bows, Bear crossbows, Recurve and youth bow models and the Legends bow series. They also offer bow equipment, apparel and Trophy Ridge accessories.

If you wish to buy their products you can go to the certified dealer store. There you can find original Bear products. A full list of Bear dealer locations is available on their official website. I would, however, recommend shopping via Amazon.

Cruzer G2 RTH

That way you can easily compare models with other brands and you can often find discounts. Likewise, there are different price points. Bear youth compound bows are extremely cheap and almost everyone can afford it. The usual price range of Bear models is somewhere in the middle, more on a cheaper side. There are a few, really advanced models that are a bit more expensive but nothing too much.

Bear products have a limited lifetime warranty which applies to the original owner. The warranty covers limbs, riser and cams. Risers and cams have a lifetime warranty.

cruzer g2 review

Traditional bow comes with a 1-year limited warranty and youth bow with a day limited warranty. The Bear Archery Cruzer G2 compound bow model features an axle-to-axle length of 32 inches. The draw length and draw weight are extremely adjustable. The draw length range goes from 12 to 30 inches. The draw weight range goes from 5 to 70 pounds. The bow itself is quite lightweight.

It weighs only 3 pounds. Because of its wide range of adjustability and of lightweight design, the bow is suitable for kids and adults. Bear Archery offers a lot of colours for this compound bow model. This model is available in right-hand and left-hand option.

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